Jon Thomas

‘Passion’ is the one word that Jon Thomas Rabalais, founder of Focus Productions, uses to describe his multi-media business. ‘I started Focus Productions when I was fifteen years old,’ he tells his clients ‘and it’s my passion for telling stories and creating high quality movie-like films that keep me going day in and day out.” Jon Thomas, a native to Louisiana, has traveled from east to west coast working on productions ranging from television commercials to feature films, but ‘nothing makes me happier than working on a close, personal basis with each client.’

Every project is unique and tailored around the particular story that becomes the FOCUS of each film. You won’t find anything ‘cookie-cutter’ about any of their award winning productions and this is because each project is custom built from the ground up to support the stories of our clients. Such prestigious awards include two time winner of the ‘Best of Festival’ award at the Berkeley Film Festival, and multiple award winner of the ‘Creative Excellence’ award at the Wedding Event Video Association (WEVA).

So what is it that makes a Focus Production stick out from the rest of the media world? Original concepts, brilliant professional execution, and an immaculate attention to detail. Jon says, “Sometimes it’s the tiny cut up photograph we find inside our desk years later that sparks up a unique feeling and transports us back to that time. This feeling is unique to only you and there’s no way of visually sharing your internal memories with anyone else. They live inside you. What we do is allow those memories to live and be shared in a timeless brilliance with the rest of the world. Timelessness is our ultimate goal and it is something that everyone seems to be overlooking in our busy world today. Modern music, trendy styles, and popular color schemes all quickly become dated but if your able to span back ten years or more and relive the moment without becoming distracted by these obstacles then you truly have something timeless, something pure. This pure place is where we set our Focus.”